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Our TV stations have broadcast hours of landings, ANZAC movies, the RAAF during WW2 and the interviews with soldiers of the past. But we who have been there know that there are no words a reporter can say to make war less horrific. But several words that ring out continually when talking about the Australian spirit during war are the resourcefulness and the ingenuity, the comradeship and the determination and courage of our troops.

ANZAC Day across Australia reflects the determination of Australia to maintain this special day and those who died for Australia will never be forgotten.

In Rockhampton ANZAC Day started at 0428 in the morning at the Botanical Gardens with the Dawn Service. It was attended by hundreds of fellow citizens, the present Military representatives, schools and of course the Veterans themselves.

This year as usual the CWA provided a breakfast, but one was also put on by the Capricornia Military & Artifacts Museum and the National Services Association. This year for the first time in four years the old Archer Street 42RQR was opened providing an area for a kitchen and bar.

Central Queensland Light Horse Troop



The Central Queensland Light Horse Troop added a special touch of nostalgia. Horses, bridled and saddled and Troopers dressed as they were with .303s in scabbards, ration bags and swords.
For the latest info on Veterans Groups and Services for Veterans
look at Capricornia online
ANZAC Day Services were also held at
most towns in the CQ area including
Yeppoon, Emu Park, Gracemere,
Alton Downs and Mt Morgan.

Above - A Digger has breakfast at the old 42RQR

To the right - Museum supporters Bob Butler and the Rockhampton Chev Club

Our two flags, Private Cox and
Private Prior
both killed in Vietnam and this year carried by Girls Grammar School Brittany Chapman and Josie Roediger

The Vietnam contingent was lead by Harry Mimi Ex 1 RAR and in full uniform.
The Civil Service at the Rockhampton
River Side Memorial
Rockhampton ANZAC Day crowd
Leighton Marshall, Shonelle Royal and Camille Royal
The Fuary Collection and Allan Fuary added a special touch to ANZAC Day.
Participants marched authentically dressed in the old uniforms of WW1 and WW2 and more recently.
Part of the Fuary Collection
Allan Fuary

Tom Platt
Ex 23rd US Military Police

Paul Walsh
helped with the banner

Ernie Hazel and Geoff Cave

Vietnam Vets lineup for the 2005 March

Greg Gill and mate

Bill Andrews (Ex korea Air Training Corps)
and Esmay Wilson (Ex BCOF Nurse)

The Salvation Army provided cold water after the Rockhampton March.
Miram Sutcliffe and Leonie Keuper

This years ANZAC Day baby was born at 0714 at the Rockhampton Base Hospital and is the first child and daughter for Lisa and Andrew Walz.
Baby April Ann arrived weighing 4.6Kg.
This year is the 90th Anniversary of the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli and the 18th ANZAC Day Baby to be presented with a Teddy and Certificate. Congratulations to Lisa and Andrew and your proud families and friends who we met at the hospital.

Presenting the special gifts are left Nick Quigley and right Phil Aplin

Simone Frankel, wore John Frankel’s medals and along with her nephew Tobias marched with Vietnam Veteran Harry Mimi.