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MAY 2004
Visits Cockscomb Veterans Camp
On the May Day long weekend the Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle club staged the Stone Run to Cockscomb.
An overall success both for Cockscomb and the VVMC with some 70 VVMC members attending the three day ride.
An advance party ran the fingers over Cockscomb recently. Two of our local members, Barry Gill (Midway) Ex 110 Sig Sqn and Paul Muscat (Spider) Ex 161 Ind Recce Flt introduced the visiting Veterans.
Geoff Baines became chief cook assisted by Bill Snape and Alan Evans and after serving up 5 dozen eggs, 4kg snags, 10 dozen bread rolls, 5 kg bacon, 50 odd steaks, nibblies and chips they were glad to put their feet up and have a beer or two. Mick an East Timor veteran assisted in the Bar along with one of the VVMCs' new members.

Bikes to dream about, Harleys, Honda Gold wings and a trike with a V6 holden engine made an interesting collection of hardware.


WORKING BEES at Cockscomb are held every
Tuesday at 9am

Bikers Damper
4x cups self raising flour
2x teaspoons baking powder
1x pinch of salt

Mix all into a bowl with warm water or milk. To make a firm dough – (not too moist)

Place in camp oven and depending on the heat of the coals half to one hour.
Other additives – add mixed dried fruit or raisins and a couple of table spoons of powdered milk

Breakfast time for Brian Watts
Visiting Ham Radio and VVMC member Russel VK4NRG
Departure time for the trike team



Dear Uncle Bill
Thank you for making my first stay at Cockscomb a pleasant and welcoming experience. Thanks also for lighting the fire for showers, getting drinks for me and saying good morning at 11am. Wishing you all the best, a big hug and hope to see you again soon.
All my love”

Wood turning is going very well, come and get involved. We will look at furniture and toy making if you are interested.

Leather Work as a hobbyist has started. TPI has a full set of tools and equipment required.
Interested – well contact Charlie 49214644

CENTRAL QUEENSLAND VETERAN SUPPORT CENTRE and the team of voluntary Pensions Officers and Advocates are now in its 4th year of operation and the centre holds a very good track record of valuable assistance to the Veteran Community.
For appointments please ring 4922 3616
Web site or Email

New Pensions Officers Needed
- There is always a need for new volunteers and we are looking for Veterans who feel they could put something back into the community. Register your interest with CQVSC 49223616 and we will ensure you get the correct training to assist you to assist other Veterans.

CQVSC is looking for 4 and 2 drawer filing cabinets. If you are aware of any that can be donated, please tell us. Phone 49223616

The ROCKHAMPTON DROP IN CENTRE is open every Thursday at 310 Quay Street at 1030 – 1330. No membership. Meet other Veterans and enjoy a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and cake Local Veteran and Veteran family information in the Rockhampton district is available at WEB then click on Groups and scroll down the list to Veteran info.


On the Web for the Rockhampton Area
Central Queensland WAR VETERANS & FAMILY Information