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MARCH 2004
  Since 29 November 03 the date of our last BBQ, Christmas and New Year have come and gone. We’ve had rain and at the moment the tanks are all full. Not that we should get complacent with that… the next few months may be dry, so we all need to conserve water as much as possible.
Many visitors have been welcomed and we hope that they have enjoyed their stay at Cockscomb and come to stay with us again in years to come.

Cockscomb has come a long way since 1997. For those few Veterans who attended the first BBQ, their foresight has lead to what we have now. What Cockscomb is about is a place where Veterans can go to chill out, get away from the pressures in life and be in the company of others with similar interests and problems.

Any Veteran who attends does not own cockscomb. However, because of some of the work done on site, some Veterans may feel an ownership in what they have created. You can rest assured that you will be respected for your leadership, your skills, your ingenuity and your ability to complete the task, but it doesn’t give you ownership. Veterans have built cockscomb for Veterans and that is the only way it will continue. Bruce and Liz are the owners and the ones who should always be consulted before any major project is carried out. The incumbent Veterans who gather on Tuesdays should always address all projects together.

Discussions and ideas thrown into the pool will assure the harmony of Cockscomb and its ability to control all projects.
Our present leaders are very capable in what they do and I feel all who attend Cockscomb will agree with me, that the way we are travelling at the moment is good.

WORKING BEES at Cockscomb are held every Tuesday at 9am

Our last issue wasn’t made available to Veterans other than those who attend Cockscomb on a regular basis. But to give you a few hints I interviewed all on a Tuesday. Questions were Work before Service, Work after Service, What sort of pension they were on, Hobbies, How they got to hear about Cockscomb and what they thought Cockscomb was about.
The answers were many and varied, but statistically very similar traits emerged.

BRANDON THOMPSON visited Cockscomb recently and he said that the place was better than a resort because you can pan for gold and play pool. Live in cabins, can have a dog and a fire to cook on. Brandon said crushing cans was good too. Brandon is in Grade 3 and said he loved being with Veterans.
Ray and Di Stanley have been resident Caretakers at Cockscomb for the last three years. Ray was well known for his ability to recycle items for another use. The best of these was the RAYKEN water heater that he and a mate devised out of a 90Kg gas cylinder. For a parting gift Ray and Di donated the Diggers Rest campsite at the foot of Mt wheeler to Liz and Bruce. Not visible from our camp site but down the hill toward the mountain. Cockscomb Veterans convey a vote of thanks to Ray & Di and especially to Di for keeping the buildings and toilets so clean.
Little known to the general run of the mill users of Cockscomb, but a very significant plant in the ecology of the area. Now the Livingstone Shire's floral emblem, the Stackhousia tryonii accumulates more nickel in its leaves than any other plant in Australia. With slender needle like leaves and a tiny mauve flower, this insignificant plant will only be found in the region of Cockscomb to Marlborough, just north of Rockhampton.
Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle Club
On the May Day long weekend the Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle club will take part in a run to Central Queensland. During the weekend they will spend time at Cockscomb and the Pioneer Hotel in Rockhampton. An advance party ran the fingers over Cockscomb recently. Two of our local members, Barry Gill (Midway) Ex 110 Sig Sqn second from the right and Paul Muscat (Spider) Ex 161 Ind Recce Flt on the right introduced the visiting Veterans.

During the ANZAC Day 2004 weekend the Australian Military Dog Handlers will hold a reunion and Handlers Expo at Western Street. Handlers and their Dogs will take part in the ANZAC Day March.

Three important websites recently developed on the web… a day by day history of a tour of Borneo, Malaya and two tours of Vietnam by Roy (Doc) Savage. The next a quest in the path for peace written for Veterans by the wife of a Veteran. If you’d like to contact one of the 12 Members of Parliament who revolted against the Prime Minister in favour of Veterans. Read the News page on Veterans Sanctuary.
For Central Queensland WAR VETERANS & FAMILY Information and scroll down the list to Veteran info

Dave Morgan Ex 104 Sig Sqn has a web sit on his expeditions to Antarctica.

The CENTRAL QUEENSLAND VETERAN SUPPORT CENTRE and the team of voluntary Pensions Officers and Advocates are available from 9:30 to 1pm Monday to Friday. For appointments please ring 4922 3616 look on the website or email

The ROCKHAMPTON DROP IN CENTRE is open every Thursday at 310 Quay Street at 1030 – 1330. No membership. Meet other Veterans and enjoy a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and bicys

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