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JULY 2005


Many Veterans are calling in on their way up to Pandanus and on their ‘Round Australia trip’.

Visiting and staying overnight is one of the options travelling Veterans have at Cockscomb.  We would prefer you stay not more than five (5) nights, but if your circumstances warrant a longer stay your reason will be looked at.  Our caretakers on the site are there to ensure you get to know where water is and were you can park, camp and cook. 

Do the right thing - we hear this all over Australia, if you use chopped firewood, chop some more before you leave.  Take ALL your rubbish with you when you leave, conserve water and please leave us a donation so that we can continue to keep Cockscomb looking good for the day you come back again.


up for


Coach Holidays Australia Visits

During the month of May, Geoff Baines (ex 110 Sig Sqn) invited Coach Holidays Australia to stop in at Cockscomb for lunch whilst they toured the local area.  Approx 40 local tourists enjoyed a day in our region and a BBQ lunch and a tour of the old gold mining areas around Mt Wheeler.

Our guide on the day and one who has had plenty of experience showing the troops where to go was none other than General G V Owens retired (ex 21 Supl Plt).  Genes local knowledge and expertise was noted on the day.

The Central Queensland Koala Volunteers GroupWeb The local group fund raise for research carried out by the Central Queensland University. The group are selling Australian Macadamia Nuts coated in chocolate for Koala Week in July 2005.   You can buy Australian Macadamia Nuts coated in chocolate when you visit the Heritage Village on the 10th July and the UCQ Multicultural Fair on the 14th August.  A display for CQ Koalas is at the North Rockhampton Library between 4th – 16th July 2005

Now, not that all the work is down, completed etc at Cockscomb, but Mick Stokes is on the local Cawarral Bush Fire Brigade and community committee.  The Cawarral community Picnic area needed a touch up and what better crew could you get , but the Cockscomb Handymen

Left to right Bill Snape(Ex 6 RAR), Gene Owens (Ex 21 Supl Plt), Graham Jensen (Ex 6 RAR), Allan Evans (RAAF Sup Flt), Geoff Baines (Ex 110 Sig Sqn), Alan Munster (Ex 6 RAR) and Mick Stokes ( Ex Timor)

It was a project well done and appreciated by the Cawarral community.  BBQ tables were sanded back and painted with an external weather proofing compound

The Veterans will continue to assist the local community and the next project is a storage shed

Top Alan and bottom Gene apply the paint, whilst centreGeoff grinds the edges off.

Functions at Cockscomb have been well looked after and our specialty cooks for the Coach Holidays Australia day were Dan Connolly (ex 17 Const Sqn) front and Mick Stokes a Timor Veteran.

John Wilson a solo  entertained us for the day.  John said that he can make any party a success with his good music for all occasions
In early July thirteen members of the Blackwater Masonic Lodge visited Cockscomb.  All retired now and some living in Yeppoon and Emu Park heard of Cockscomb through Gene Owens.  The group was surprised to find such a well organised venture in the hills near Mt Wheeler.  After a tour of the main camp site and a bit of a talk on how it all came to be, the group had a BBQ lunch finished off with apple pie and custard.  After lunch our tour guide Gene Owens lead the way to the first Yellow Rose mine, the bottom camp and on the way back we visited a native bee hive and talked about the Stackhousia tryonii which only grows in the Mt Wheeler area. (see our web site ecosystem)
CENTRAL QUEENSLAND VETERAN SUPPORT CENTRE Inc and the team of voluntary Pensions Officers and Advocates are now in its 6th year of operation and the centre holds a very good track record of valuable assistance to the Veteran Community.
For appointments please ring 4922 3616
Web site or Email
  The ROCKHAMPTON DROP IN CENTRE is open every Thursday at 156 Bolsover Street (the home of the CQ Military Museum and the Rocky TPI Centre) at 1030 – 1330. No membership. Meet other Veterans and enjoy a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and cake. Local Veteran and Veteran family information in the Rockhampton district is available at WEB then click on Groups and scroll down the list to Veteran info.
Wood turning is going very well, come and get involved. We will look at furniture and toy making if you are interested.

Leather Work as a hobbyist has started. TPI has a full set of tools and equipment required.
Interested – well contact Charlie 49214644

Information on other Veteran Camps and retreats is slowly filtering in. The latest information is on Ramon Deed Retreat in Dareton NSW. For other Veteran areas have a general look through the retreats page on this web site.

New Pensions Officers Needed - There is always a need for new volunteers and we are looking for Veterans who feel they could put something back into the community. Register your interest with CQVSC 49223616 and we will ensure you get the correct training to assist you to assist other Veterans.