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Christmas 2007 was celebrated at Cockscomb on the 24th Nov 07 thanks to Bruce & Liz Acutt and a team of willing workers on site.


Pat Wilson ex 104 Sig Sqn discusses the day with Bruce Acutt


Cockscomb Veteran would like to thank Peter and Janelle owners of Coach Holidays Australia who operate from Yeppoon. Geoffery Baines Ex 110 Signals is a voluntary driver and for the Christmas Party Peter supplied the bus and Geoff brought the Rockhampton Widows and Legacy Ladies down for the day
There is always something to do . This year the multi draw went very well and on the right cutting up sweets
Bruce Acutt and Sandra in the kitchen
Helen & Kathy finished lunch
Jenny Ireland (hat)the President of the War Widows
Multi Draw tickets being sold
Dora Pratt War Widow won the money tree
Roy Sprake volunteer at BaMeBa
May Hope waits for the proceeding to start
Our thanks to Rhonda and Rod for cutting up the lettice, onion and tomatoe
Bindi YohTeh enjoyed the day with a pot or two
Jim Irvine enjoying a glass of wine with Trevor Hewitt and Bruce acutt
Sandra (Dawes) and XYZ
Roy Sprake, his daughter and grand daughter

Helen won first prise in the multi draw


If you can put names to faces, just click on email and tell me left or right column and how many down

Multidraw prizes under the Christmas Tree
Winners are grinners
Our ladies line up to return to Rockhampton on the Coach Holidays Australia bus
Just resting and enjoying the day
The BaMeBa is always a popular place

A Christmas cheer to all who organised the day and three cheers to all who attended.
Christmas at Cockscomb 2007 celebrates the 10th year of operation.

Thanks to Bruce & Liz

Bruce, Trevor, Jim and Phil listen for their numbers during the multidraw