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Vol 8 Issue I1 August 2009
V8I1 July 2009
'Operation Cockscomb' was co-ordinated by Sgt Mick Stokes who lives in Cawarral and is a regular working visitor to Cockscomb. Mick is a member of our Regular Army based in Rockhampton.

In preparation for Vietnam Veterans Day this year and coinciding with the joint Military Exercise TALISMAN SABER 2009 a number of US Marines, Australian RAAF and Military personal visited Cockscomb and carried out maintenance work, planting of new gardens, fencing the new boundary and adding shelves to the Camp wagon and a prefabricated wood-box. In 8 hours the visiting troops carried out two years of work for Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat and their visit was very much appreciated.The troops eat well too, they brought all their own catering supplies for a BBQ lunch and dinner that night.
Combat Camera Unit dusting off the equipment

(Exercise Talisman Saber 2009 is a biennial combined training activity, designed to train Australian and U.S. forces in planning and conducting Combined Task Force operations in order to improve ADF/U.S. combat readiness and interoperability. This exercise is a major undertaking that reflects the closeness ofour alliance and the strength of the ongoing military-military relationship. )
Sargent Fiona Cobby RAAF and Master Sargent Klever Novillo US Marines were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat Inc
Planting Gazanias and mulching the garden
US Marine and Australian Army working together on the perimeter fence



Fencing off the block; Military and Rockhampton Regional Council working together
Planting new gardens behind the Denis Murray BBQ
Running the wire through the posts
The Army is now equal opportunity
A good steak, mustard and salad lunch
Kevin Hogan from Rimrock Agencies Rockhampton and Stihl donated an FS45 weed-eater to Cocokscomb; it'll be put to good use in keeping the block tidy
  The best quality thick steak and so tender  
Shower water stored to water the trees
Before and after, a John Deere 100 ride-on presented to Cockscomb
by the Australian 9
th Support Battalion
US Marines prefabricated our new woodbox and like a giant leggo it clipped into place
The new wood-box now has steel legs and cliplock steel sheeting to protect from the weather and whiteants