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BUNNINGS Rockhampton donated 7 tonne of treated timber, some of which will become landscaping around the van.† Our landscaping projects at Cockscomb should take on a new look with the remainder of the timber.




Sometime in the new-year we will see a new van set up for our caretaker.† This project started late last year after the donation of a large long term unoccupied caravan from the Island View Caravan Park at Kinka beach.† The van has been suitably established in a permanent position and internal renovations have already started.† On the outside posts are up and ready for a pitched roof over to keep it cooler.    
  Over the Christmas New Year break I spent some time at Bell Park Caravan Park with Helen in our new caravan.† Iíve never been one to relax, but after spending 12 days at the park with little else to do but read a book and go for walks on the beach I found that I could relax.† I can now see why so many Veterans travel around Australia in caravans & campers.† However, Iím glad I had access to a Laptop Computer.† Next thing Iíll be looking at is a means of getting to the WWW while caravanning.    

On Thursday I listened to Wayne Carter Ex SAS from 1300 to 1500 on 91.3FM Radio Nag transmitting from the Capricorn Coast.† Iíve got to congratulate Wayne for his two hours of music, war stories and a snippet from 1969 Radio Saigon provided by Dave Morgan Ex 104 Sig Sqn who taped Radio Saigon onto a reel to reel Akai recorder and more recently onto CD.† If you are down on the Capricorn Coast tune in to Community Radio Nag on 91.3FM



  WINGS - Women In Need Group Support (is a group for Vietnam Veteran wives & partners) meet at 10am on the first Tuesday of every month at the North Street Annex Rockhampton.†(Corner of West & North Streets) The group organises social outings, guest speakers and has a close tie to VVCS. Contact phone Helen 4928 2554, Kathy 4933 2457    
Back in October 2005 the Rockhampton War Widows organised a day trip to Cockscomb.† It was to be a special treat for some and a few had been before.† The general feeling was that our camp is very relaxing and they all enjoyed the day.† Gene Owens guided a group to the Yellow Rose Mine shaft.† The Vets cooked a BBQ lunch followed by apple pie and custard.
Cockscomb Christmas Party 2005
went very well and for the first time Bruce and the Veterans invited the Rockhampton War Widows to join in on the fun for the day.† It was a good way to assist another group of war related people to enjoy Christmas.†

Peter OíLeary from Coach Holidays Australia provided a 40 seater bus for the day and the war widows had a free day out.† Thank you †Peter and Coach Holidays Australia Yeppoon and Geoff Baines Ex 110 Sig Sqn who elected to drink coke for the day and drive the bus. A big undertaking on the day of the Christmas party. Congratulation Geoff

Coach Holidays Australia operates out of Yeppoon and has some very impressive tours booked for 2006.† For their latest Travel Bug Newsletter drop in to 50 McBean Street Yeppoon 4703 or phone 07 4939 5001 or look them up on the web or email


The 2005 Christmas Party doesnít happen by chance.† There is a lot of work to be done before, during and after.† Cleaning up, raking leaves, putting the beer on ice and getting the BBQs ready.† As a special treat this year Bruce and Liz cooked prawn kebabs.†
Then it was onto the steaks, sausages and burgers cooked by Dan Connolly and Mick Stokes.
Topped off with apple pie and custard.†
A lucky draw raffle and plenty of liquids to wash the food down.


Geoff Baines has laid a new stone pitched wall at the front gate around the logo wall.† Recently Gene Owens planted two fox tail palms one either side of the wall.

Work on the entrance road and a means of diverting water is to be a project for this year.† The entrance at the gate is rough and the right side has been scoured out during recent heavy rain


Click for Larger Map   PANDANUS PARK to the far north of us has now officially been declared a retreat for Veterans for a period of 15 years.† It has been a long haul, but we can thank a dedicated team of Veterans who have represented us at meetings with the Qld Government and the Cape York Land Council.† There is information on the official web site    
TPI Dinner Rockhampton was held at the Capricorn Country Club.† From those who attended a hearty thanks to John Elson, Charlie Bartkus and Richard Odendahl for organising the day.† The TPI centre is located at 156 Bolsover Street Rockhampton  

VVAA Christmas Dinner was held at the Kalka Hotel.† Well attended and thanks go to Phil & Pauline Aplin for organising the day and the raffle which was won by Marci, Jimmy Drevers partner.




General working bee days are held on Tuesdays and after the mornings work it is good to sit back and soak up the relaxed Cockscomb atmosphere.† The BBQ is always hot and fridge is open, but if you prefer there is always coffee and tea.

Landscaping will be the big project this year.† Using the timber donated by Bunnings has created new scope and projects to continue to shape Cockscomb Veterans Camp into a 5 Star, home away from home.